Most ransomware won't install on computers that have Russian language keyboards

Most ransomware is designed not to install on computers that have Russian or Ukrainian language keyboards

What is ransomware? In case you haven't come across this term before, simply put, ransomware is a type of computer virus that blocks access to all your personal files, unless you pay the creator(s) of that virus a ransom. 

According to this aptly titled article «Try This One Weird Trick Russian Hackers Hatery This One Weird Trick Russian Hackers Hate» from KrebsOnSecurity

"Virtually all ransomware strains have a built-in failsafe designed to cover the backsides of the malware purveyors: They simply will not install on a Microsoft Windows computer that already has one of many types of virtual keyboards installed — such as Russian or Ukrainian"

This mainly happens because the perpetrators of these ransomware attacks usually come from those countries and the local authorities there, won't initiate an investigation unless someone within the country's borders files an official complaint

So, when ransomware is about to get installed on your computer, it will check for the presence of certain languages on the system, and if it detects them, the virus will exit and fail to install. 

Will installing one of these languages keep your Windows computer safe from all malware? Absolutely not. There is plenty of malware that doesn’t care where in the world you are. And there is no substitute for avoiding risky behaviours online.