What it takes to make a kg of honey

  Honey bees  will tap about  5.7 million flowers  and fly 176,000km  to make one kg of honey. According to the Canadian Honey Council Calculation of honey production by one honey bee Many facts are taken for granted and the proof is often lost in the mists of time. It may seem hard to believe that a honey bee flies around the world twice for one pound of honey but the numbers back up this assertion. The valuesused for the calculation are averages and the numbers are rounded. To discover how many flowers and how far a honey bee flies to gather a pound of honey, we need to know: How many flowers a bee visits to gather one load of nectar? C.R. Ribbands (1949) determined that one bee can visit several hundred flowers for a load of sweet clover and up to 1,110-1,446 for a load of Limnanthes nectar. Since the number will vary by size of the flower and quantity of nectar secreted, we will assume a honey bee taps fewer flowers than she visits and we have used a minimum of 100 flowe

Main source of Sexual Education in the United Kingdom

The Natsal surveys are some of the largest surveys of sexual behaviour in the world. The surveys take place in Britain once every 10 years since 1990. The respondents are selected randomly and thus the results are broadly representative of the British general population.  For the charts above I used data from the Natsal-3 survey which was conducted between 2010 and 2012. If we delve into the charts above and compare the male and female responses, we can see that nowadays 2/3 of both men's and women's main sources of sexual education is school and friends. The same holds true going back at least to those who were born back in the late 50'.   Another interesting point is the vast disparity in the mothers' contribution. While 1 in 7 women attribute their main source of sexual education to their mothers, just 1 in 25 men believes the same. And while more than 1 in 10 men credits their first sexual partner as their main source of sexual education, just 1 in 20 women do the