Share of births per day of the week

This week we take a look at the share of births per day of the week over the years. As it is obvious from the chart above, births on weekends have become rarer and rarer, due to more women opting in for a scheduler delivery, either by c-section or by induced labor. In 2009, there were 39% fewer births on weekends compared to weekdays, the largest deviation on record. In the same year in the United States, more than one-third of newborns were delivered by c-section.  More alarmingly, c-sections outnumber vaginal births in parts of southeast Europe, Latin America, and China. A glooming example is Greece, where 60% of births are via c-section. For reference, the World Health Organization considers the ideal rate for cesarean sections to be 10-15%.  Possible complications from a cesarean section include infection of the wound or womb lining, blood clots, excessive bleeding, damage to nearby areas, such as the bladder or the tubes that connect the kidneys and bladd…

Actions thar are always/usually wrong % among 13-24 year olds and adults ≥25

This week we take a look at the views of 13 to 24-year-olds vs adults over 25 years old. Younger Americans seem to have morally indifferent attitudes toward pornography. Only one-third of 13 to 24-year-olds believes viewing pornographic images is always or usually wrong (32%), compared to more than half of older adults (54%). The trend continues on reading erotic content (27% vs 45%) or watching sexually explicit TV or movie scenes (24% vs 37%).  The largest difference between the two generations is their perspective on wanting something that belongs to someone else. Only 32% of teens and young adults believe it's always/usually wrong compared to 57% of adults over the age of 25.  Taking something that belongs to someone else ranked first with 88% of younger Americans and 95% of older adults believing it to be always or usually wrong. Having a romantic relationship with someone other than a spouse came a close second with 75% and 88% respectively.…