What if you bought $100 worth of X a year ago?

For the past year, the stock and crypto markets have been nothing short of a spectacle. Even though the whole world is going through a one-in-a-lifetime crisis, the prices of certain stocks and cryptos have skyrocketed. Where should you have invested $100 a year ago? The winner, and with a vast disparity is non-other than the humble DOGE coin. A coin that started out as a joke has seen its value increase by 207-times in the span of a year.  Gamestop is trailing far behind in the second place, but it should be noted that GME shares were hovering at over $300 apiece at some point compared to the measly $140 a share is valued right now. What do you think? When will the bubble burst, if ever? 

Attitude towards one-night stands

  This week we will take a look at the attitude towards one-night stands in the United Kingdom. Once again, I have used data from the Natsal-3 survey which was conducted between 2010 and 2012.  The Natsal surveys are some of the largest surveys of sexual behavior in the world. The surveys take place in Britain once every 10 years since 1990. The respondents are selected randomly and thus the results are broadly representative of the British general population.  A one-night stand is defined as a single sexual encounter in which there is no expectation of any further relationship between the sexual participants.  As can be clearly seen on the chart above, men are more open towards one-night stands than women are. There is also a clear correlation between positive attitude rate and age. Men aged 16-24 and 25-34 share the same positive attitude rate on one-night stands, as 34% of both age groups have responded with "rarely wrong/not wrong at all"