The values go beyond -100%, as the spending on those sectors hasn't only dropped, but the companies are also issuing refunds to their customers.
This week we take a look at Jeff Bezo's Net Worth. 
Jeff Bezos Net Worth is $145.4B according to Forbes
Queen Elizabeth's Net Worth is $530,000,000 according to Business Insider
Every app on the App Store is about $1,720,000 according to this graphic from Statista.
Every game on Steam is $248,000, excluding DLCs. To get to that number I multiplied the total number of games on Steam, with the average price of every game on the platform. To find the average I consulted SteamDB. I located the 5 users with the most games on their library and divided their number of games with the value of their library. Then I used the mean of those 5, which is $8.29 per game. 
The cost to purchase a Tesla Model S, a Model 3 a Model X and Model Y on max specs is $348,980 according to on 5/10/2020.
Adele's Net Worth is 190,000,000 according to
The Nobel Prize cash prize for 2020 is $935,366 according to
One tonne of gold (1,000kg, 2,204.6 pound…