How long would you wait before having sex?

How long would you wait before having sex?


How soon is too soon? This week we take a look at Britons' responses on this tantalising matter. 

More than two decades ago, the TV series Sex and the City tried to tackle this question, and established the three-dates rule. So many years later, and the norms have changed. 

Just 13% of men and 11% of women adhere to that rule, with most women (if we exclude those who answered "don't know") opting to wait until they feel they are in love before taking the next step in a relationship.

In general, both sexes have similar percentages on all but two options: The "1st date" and the "Wait until love".  For the former, more than 1 in 4 men would have sex on the 1st date, while only 1 in 14 women. The reverse appears on the latter, as 1 in 5 women would wait until they fell in love, while less than 1 in 10 men would do the same. 

Source: How many dates should you wait before having sex with someone?


While researching for this piece I stumbled upon an article aptly titled "Why we need to let go of the three-date rule" which talks about this rule's problematic nature. It's worth a read!