Mick Jagger's Interesting Family

Mick Jagger has got great-grandchildren older than his youngest child.

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Mick Jagger has got great-grandchildren older than his youngest child. 

His children range in age from 7 to 53.

Other interesting facts about Mick Jagger's family:

Mick Jagger has children spanning over five decades. His first child, Karis, was born in 1970, while his most recent child, Deveraux, was born in 2016. This means there’s a 46-year age gap between his oldest and youngest child.

His grandchildren span over many decades too. His first grandchild, Assisi was born in 1992, while his most recent one, Eugene, was born in 2020, giving them a 28-year difference.

Melanie, Mick’s most recent partner, born in 1987, is younger than 4 of Mick’s children. She is actually 17 years younger than his oldest child, Karis, and just 5 years older than his oldest grandchild, Assisi.

Mick Jagger’s youngest son, Deveraux, born in 2016, is 2 years younger than Jagger’s first great-grandchild Ezra, born in 2014.

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