Sequels Years Apart

This week we take a look at the films with the longest time gaps between original and sequel. While it is not uncommon for studios to release sequels to successful films within a few years of the original, there are some cases where the gap between the original film and its sequel is much longer.

Top Gun represents one of the longest time gaps between a film and its sequel with the same lead actor(s), which was released 36 years after the original in 1986. Despite the long wait, the sequel, titled Top Gun: Maverick, managed to bring back many of the original cast members including Tom Cruise as the lead character, Maverick. The sequel was originally slated for release in 2019, but was delayed by two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This delay brought Top Gun to the top of this list.

The second longest time gap between an original firm and its sequel is Blade Runner. The original film released in 1982, and saw a sequel released 35 years later in 2017. Blade Runner 2049 featured Harrison Ford reprising his role as Rick Deckard and introduced a new cast of characters as well.

Coming to America, a popular comedy film released in 1988, saw a sequel released 33 years later in 2021. The sequel, titled Coming 2 America, featured many of the original cast members including Eddie Murphy as the lead character, Prince Akeem.

The Odd Couple, a classic comedy film released in 1968, saw a sequel released 30 years later in 1998. The Odd Couple II featured Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau reprising their roles as Felix Unger and Oscar Madison, respectively.

The last film that made it to the top 5 is Tron. The original film was released in 1982 and its sequel, Tron: Legacy, was released 28 years later in 2010. The sequel featured Jeff Bridges reprising his role as the lead character, Kevin Flynn, and introduced a new cast of characters as well.

These examples show that even with long gaps between films and their sequels, it is possible for studios to bring back original cast members and continue the story with new characters. While it may take longer for sequels to be released in these cases, the end result can be just as satisfying for fans of the original films.