How many pizzas can you buy with 10,000 bitcoin?

How many pizzas can you buy with 10,000 bitcoin?

Back in May 2010, the first commercial bitcoin transaction took place. Programmer Laszlo Hanyecz bought two Papa John's pizzas in exchange for 10,000 bitcoin. Nine months after that monumental purchase, bitcoin would reach parity with the dollar, and just shy of eleven years later, on ₿itcoin's all-time high, these two pizzas would be worth an impressive 614.5 million dollars. 

Bitcoin, especially at the start, was received with a lot of skepticism by the general public due to its notoriety. In a paper published in 2016, researchers identified that in early 2013, gambling and black markets together accounted for 51% of all transactional inflows on the Bitcoin blockchain. By November 2013, after the nefarious Silk Road was raided by the FBI, all this activity suddenly dropped. By then, bitcoin commerce that was driven by "sin" enterprises comprised just 3% or less of total transactions. 

 As FinTech lawyer Marco Santori put it best: 
 [...] bitcoin was a currency with a heart of gold, now freed from unjust association with dark markets. 

Date  Milestone USD : 1BTC Days Since Previous Milestone
January 1, 2009 $0 Launch 
February 12, 2011 $1 772 days
April 1, 2013 $100  779 days 
November 29, 2013  $1,000 242 days
September 2, 2017$5,000   1,373 days
November 29, 2017 $10,000 88 days
 December 17, 2020$20,000 1,114 days
January 3, 2021$30,000  17 days 
January 8, 2021$40,000 5 days
February 17, 2021$50,000   40 days
March 13, 2021$60,000   24 days
Next milestone$70,000   ? days
From then on, the entire crypto ecosystem began to thrive and has been growing exponentially ever since. While more people outside of the digital currency started to see its value, it also became a staple of the modern FinTech industry. Since its introduction in 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto's creation has triggered a tidal wave of advancements in technology that is set to change the way we live and work forever. 

As to how many pizzas could Laszlo Hanyecz buy now? We did the math! Currently, a medium Papa John's pizza costs $14.99 and 1 BTC was equal to $61,453 on March 13th, 2021. That means that ₿10,000 would now buy him  40,968,707 pizzas. That's a total weight of 16,387 metric tons. Given that a pizza box has a height of about 2 inches (5cm), if you were to stack every box on top of each other it would reach a height of 1,272.8 miles (2,048.4km).

Edit: Here's the entire exchange between Laszlo Hanyecz and the person who bought him the two pizzas.